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True Flight
Improve your ability to control a golf ball by seeing the true ball flight of every practice shot you hit.
You can draw, fade, hook, and slice a BirdieBall just like a regular ball.
Real Feel
Get instant tactile feedback on your ball striking and impact position.
BirdieBall has a satisfying, heavy feel at impact.
Enjoy meaningful practice in your own backyard or neighbourhood park, safely and effectively with the limited flight BirdieBall.
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How BirdieBall Works
How BirdieBall Works
BirdieBall spins exactly like a golf ball which is why it flies exactly like a golf ball, albeit for a shorter distance.
The reverse spin around the axis of BirdieBall's centre of gravity, created with the loft of the club (the higher the loft, the higher the spin rate) is similar to a golf ball.
When a golf ball fades or slices, it's axis is tilted from left to right (for a right-handed golfer). When it draws or hooks, it's axis is tilted from right to left. The BirdieBall behaves similarly.
Flight Distance
BirdieBall has a remarkable, satisfying flight. It flies far enough to show ball flight but short enough to retrieve with minimal effort.
BirdieBall does not have forward roll when it lands because it has reverse spin (like a golf ball), and two flat sides. In fact, it backs up on most surfaces. BirdieBalls fly about 40 metres on average.
BirdieBall Distances
Play Golf Anywhere
Golf practice has never been so convenient - now you can play just about anywhere, anytime, with full ball flight and real ball feel.
Stop paying for balls at the driving range, guessing at your ball flight in a net, or hitting lightweight plastic balls.