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12 Ball Box

With 12 PGA award-winning BirdieBalls - the #1 limited flight practice golf ball - you can play and practice your iron shots (long iron - wedges) straight off the ground, just about anywhere.

Perfect as a top-up supply for your existing BirdieBall set, or as a present for someone who wants to practice their iron shots.

If you want to improve every club in your back, protect the ground from divots and use your driver and fairway woods then check out the Super Set.

Play golf anywhere

BirdieBall has a short flight distance of around 30 - 55 metres (wedge - driver) so you can play, practice, and enjoy golf in the smallest of spaces. All you need is a patch of grass and a club.

Turn your local park into your very own driving range or setup a neighbourhood golf course. You now have the freedom to practice and play on your own terms.

BirdieBall flight distances

Enjoy lower scores

With the ability to play just about anywhere and at times that are convenient to you, you can enjoy more golf, more often.

And because BirdieBalls travel a short distance you can spend more time hitting them and less time picking them up.

With more regular play and practice, you will more quickly improve your swing, play better golf, and enjoy lower scores.

BirdieBall shot shapes

Accurate flight & feel

BirdieBall accurately mimics the flight characteristics of a regular golf ball - you can draw, fade, hook, and slice - so you get the same feedback as you do from a regular ball.

The unique cylindrical design provides a heavy regular-ball feel at impact, so you'll feel like you're hitting a regular ball. No other limited flight ball comes close to feeling as heavy at impact as the BirdieBall.

The amazing true feel and flight of the BirdieBall will help improve your ability to control a golf ball.

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12 Ball Box

12 BirdieBalls
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