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BirdieBall School Golf Equipment

BirdieBall is a revolutionary lightweight golf ball that only flies around 40 metres but still mimics the feel and flight characteristics of a regular golf ball.
BirdieBall is perfect for teaching and experiencing golf in schools where safety is critical and an authentic experience is crucial to development.
If you want to provide a real, meaningful golf experience for your students then BirdieBall is for you.
BirdieBall Spin Axis
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100 PGA award-winning BirdieBalls..
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5 x StrikePad with swing path template..
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3 x BirdieTarget & Flag combo...
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BirdieBall flies around 40 metres so it is ideal for use on school campuses.
You can safely run a golf session on a shared oval or sports ground.
You can even use them indoors.
BirdieBall flight distances


BirdieBall works with all standard golf equipment and most modified equipment as well.
If you already have MyGolf or SNAG equipment then all you need to dramatically improve your golf experience is a box of BirdieBalls.
Sure, we offer accessories like our StrikePad, VelocityTee, and BirdieTarget that will further improve your experience ... but they're optional.


Don't settle for an inferior experience - enhance your students' learning and enjoyment with the most realistic golf possible.
BirdieBall provides a real-ball feel with true flight characteristics and a remarkable hang time.
BirdieBall shot shapes