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Out Of Stock Super Set

This set has everything you need to play better golf: 12 BirdieBalls + StrikePad with swing path template + BirdieTarget + VelocityTee Set. It really is your personal, transportable driving range.

The BirdieBalls give you the very best in limited flight ball technology, the StrikePad lets you swing anywhere without damage to the ground or your clubs, the BirdieTarget makes your practice more effective, while the VelocityTee Set includes durable long-life tees for your driver and fairway woods.

Play golf anywhere

Practice and play golf conveniently and on your own time - when and where you want to.

BirdieBall's short flight distance of around 30 - 55 metres (wedge - driver) lets you play, practice, and enjoy golf in the smallest of grassed spaces.

Add the StrikePad and you can extend your play to even more places and hit shots off any surface including concrete, bitumen, and dirt without damage to your clubs or the ground.

BirdieBall flight distances

Better tee shots

Now you can use your driver and fairway woods with your BirdieBalls. Practice your tee shots to develop longer, straighter drives so you can enjoy golf from the middle of the fairway.

Each VelocityTee sets the BirdieBall in the perfect position and at a consistent height for every swing.

Birdieball VelocityTee

Made from a durable closed cell foam, VelocityTees are engineered for repeated use and long-life.

Each set includes two tees (large for drivers, small for fairway woods) along with a BONUS BirdieBall.

Correct swing path

The StrikePad has an image of the club head swing path printed on it's surface for both right and left handed players. On every swing you make you will be getting visual feedback on how your swing path is compared to the ideal.

For advanced players this provides a visual reinforcement of proper technique.

If you are new to the game of golf, this shows you how your club should move through the impact zone and will help you learn how to square the club face at impact resulting in more solid, accurate shots.

StrikePad with swing path template

Get better. Faster.

With the ability to play just about anywhere and at times that are convenient to you, you can enjoy more golf, more often.

And because BirdieBalls travel a short distance you can spend more time hitting them and less time picking them up.

With more regular play and practice, you will more quickly improve your swing, play better golf, and enjoy lower scores.

Birdie Target

Effective practice

Enjoy more focused and productive practice by hitting to a target rather than just aimlessly hitting balls.

Having a target is important for three reasons:

  • You can check your alignment
  • It keeps your practice interesting
  • It replicates the intensity and pressure you feel on the course

The BirdieTarget is a light weight portable golf target that collapses flat for storage and transport and expands for use into a backstop or fully upright position. It can be used both indoors and out and is designed for both BirdieBalls and regular golf balls.

By practicing with a purpose, your time will be more effective and you'll enjoy faster improvement.

Crisp iron shots

A good iron shot is a result of striking the ball with a slightly descending blow at impact. You should strike the ball first, and then take a divot.

Typical range mats and hard surfaces make this descending blow impossible and encourage an undesirable sweeping motion.

The StrikePad solves this problem. The flexible camber at the front of the StrikePad deflects downwards at the moment of impact simulating the effect and feel of taking a divot, but without actually taking a divot and damaging the ground underneath.

This deflection also protects your arms and hands from the jarring abuse of repeatedly hitting off hard ground or range mats.

StrikePad simulates taking a divot

You can draw and fade a BirdieBall

Accurate & rewarding

BirdieBall accurately mimics the flight characteristics of a regular golf ball - you can draw, fade, hook, and slice - so you get the same feedback as you do from a regular ball.

The unique cylindrical design provides a heavy regular-ball feel at impact, so you'll feel like you're hitting a regular ball. No other limited flight ball comes close to feeling as heavy at impact as the BirdieBall.

With real-ball feel and flight you can enjoy accurate and rewarding feedback on every single shot.

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Super Set

12 BirdieBalls + StrikePad + VelocityTee Set + BirdieTarget
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